MIT SAA Basic Photography Course


Rob Zehner


Important Announcements

Please check back before/after each class to see if there are any announcements or notes. If you miss a class, make especially sure to check in for notes or assignments that you may have missed.

The final class will be held in the studio (across the hall from the darkroom) on Wednesday, May 14. We had originally planned on meeting on May 7, but I had to be out of town unexpectedly this week. We will be taking portraits using the studio's strobe equipment, and having a friendly review of everyone's work from the course. Please bring your camera and some film, as well as any finished prints you'd like to share with the class.

Course Notes

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Photography Resources

MIT SAA Darkroom Home Page

This page contains lots of valuable information about using the darkroom, including instructions for processing, rules and procedures, and the term course schedule (so you can know when the darkroom will be in use by a class).


Black and White Photography: A Basic Manual


Beyond Basic Photography: A Technical Manual

The Camera (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 1)

The Negative (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 2)

The Print (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 3)

Boston-Area Photo Businesses

(in no particular order)

Data Sheets for Film, Paper and Chemicals