1980's Music Quiz Answers

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 1.     Suckin on chili dogs outside the Tastee-Freez
Jack and Diane -- John Cougar Mellencamp
 2.     I've done no harm, I keep to myself
Who Can It Be Now -- Men at Work
 3.     there's a freeway runnin' through the yard
Free Fallin' -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
 4.     I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all
Wanted Dead or Alive -- Bon Jovi
 5.     Your mom threw away your best porno mag
You've gotta fight (for your right) -- Beastie Boys
 6.     Can you hear them?  They talk about us,
        telling lies, well that's no surprise
Our Lips are Sealed -- Go Go's 
 7.     One that won't make me nervous,
        wonderin' what to do
I Want a New Drug -- Huey Lewis and the News
 8.     Are you more than hot for me,
        or am I a page in your history (book)
Straight Up -- Paula Abdul
 9.     I can hear you comin', I know what you're after
Lunatic Fringe -- Red Rider
 10.    And it's true we are immune when fact is
        fiction and TV reality
Sunday, Bloody Sunday -- U2
 11.    don't go around breaking young girls' hearts
Billie Jean -- Michael Jackson
 12.    I've got my back against the record machine
Jump -- Van Halen
 13.    You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand
Mickey -- Toni Basil
 14.    A cloud appears above your head,
        a beam of light comes shining down on you
I Ran -- Flock of Seagulls
 15.    I'm lying in the rain, but I never wave bye-bye
Modern Love -- David Bowie
 16.    he's the one that makes ya feel alright
Dr. Feelgood -- Motley Crue
 17.    Are you happy, are you satisfied,
        how long can you stand the heat
Another One Bites the Dust -- Queen
 18.    I think I thought you were someone else
Pop Song 89 -- REM
 19.    I tried my imagination but I was disturbed
867-5309 -- Tommy Tutone
 20.    I tell you one and one makes three
Cult of Personality -- Living Color
 21.    I'll be stretching my mouth to let those big
        words come right out
Big Time -- Peter Gabriel
 22.    And though she will mess up your life,
        you want her just the same
Invisible Touch -- Genesis
 23.    You can listen as well as you hear
In The Living Years -- Mike & The Mechanics
 24.    Think of the tender things that we were working on
Don't You Forget About Me -- Simple Minds
 25.    They gave you life and in return you gave them hell
Shout -- Tears for Fears
 26.    Knew he must've been about seventeen
I love Rock 'n' Roll -- Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
 27.    I am the maker of rules, dealing with fools
Eye in the Sky -- Alan Parsons Project
 28.    can't get food for the king
Electric Avenue -- Eddie Grant
 29.    Step on a crack, break your momma's back
Whip It -- Devo
 30.    Her hair reminds me of a warn safe place
        where as a child I'd lie
Sweet Child o' Mine -- Guns and Roses
 31.    you're like the sun chasing all of the rain away
Always -- Atlantic Starr
 32.    Everyone you meet, they're jamming in the streets
All Night Long -- Lionel Ritchie
 33.    I'm not internationally known,
        but I'm known to rock a microphone
It takes 2 -- Rob Base
 34.    Every time I see you falling,
        I get down on my knees and pray
Bizzare Love Triange -- New Order
 35.    we'll take your car, yes we will,
        we'll take your car and drive it
Centerfold -- J Geils Band.
 36.    I said to my reflection "let's get out of this place"
Tempted -- Squeeze
 37.    Easy ready willing overtime
I Can't Go For That -- Hall & Oates
 38.    The five years we have had have been such good times
Don't you Want Me?-- Human League
 39.    Didn't know how lost I was until I found you
Like a Virgin -- Madonna
 40.    People of the world today are we looking for
        a better way of life
Rhythm Nation -- Janet Jackson
 41.    You in that dress my thoughts I confess verge on dirty
Come on Eileen -- Dexy's Midnight Runners
 42.    I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
I'm so Excited -- Pointer Sisters
 43.    Write it on a pound note, pound note
Goody Two Shoes -- Adam Ant
 44.    We are strong, no one can tell us we're wrong
Love is a Battlefield -- Pat Benatar
 45.    Out on the road today,
        I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac
Boys of Summer -- Don Henley
 46.    Caught up in the action I've been looking out for you
The Heat Is On -- Glenn Frey
 47.    An invisible man sleeping in your bed
Ghostbusters -- Ray Parker Jr.
 48.    But somewhere sometime when you're curious,
        I'll be back around
You Might Think -- The Cars
 49.    I know her love is true
        but it's so damn easy makin' love to you
Run To You -- Bryan Adams
 50.    Oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones
Girls just wanna have fun -- Cyndi Lauper
 51.    And incidents arose from circumstance
Heat of the Moment -- Asia
 52.    You know I like my girls a little bit older
Your Love -- Outfield
 53.    You always live your life never thinking of the future
Owner of a Lonely Heart -- Yes
 54.    Now we're sharing the same dreams,
        and our hearts can beat as one
Caribbean Queen -- Billy Ocean
 55.    She don't need a man's touch
The Glamorous Life -- Sheila E.
 56.    she'll get a hold on you, believe it
Easy Lover -- Phil Collins & Phillip Bailey
 57.    you're everywhere, but you're so hard to find
Urgent -- Foreigner
 58.    You want your percentage,
        but I'm the fool paying the dues
Hold On -- Fleetwood Mac
 59.    No April rain, no flowers? bloom,
        no wedding Saturday within the month of June
I just called to say I love you -- Stevie Wonder
 60.    there's a skeleton chokin? on a crust of bread
King of Pain -- the Police
 61.    With my body and soul I want you more than you'll ever know
Time of my life -- Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes 
 62.    I used to think maybe you loved me,
        now I know that it's true
Walking on Sunshine -- Katrina and the Waves 
 63.    Animals strike curious poses
When Doves Cry -- Prince
 64.    Religion is a light in the fog
What I Am -- Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians
 65.    I don't know where I'm goin? but I sure know
        where I've been
Here I Go Again -- Whitesnake
 66.    If you want to find all the cops they're
        hanging out in the donut shop
Walk Like an Egyptian -- the Bangles
 67.    And there's a heart that's breaking down
        this long distance line tonight
Missing you -- John Waite
 68.    I'm always workin', slavin', every day
Nothin' But A Good Time -- Poison
 69.    Feel like I could run away,
        run away from this empty heart
Shattered Dreams -- Johnny Hates Jazz
 70.    Kick off your Sunday shoes
Footloose -- Kenny Loggins
 71.    Daddy says she's too young,
        but she's old enough for me
Seventeen -- Winger
 72.    He turned to me as if to say,
        "Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you"
Africa -- Toto 
 73.    You're not naive, you must be strong
Too Shy -- Kajagoogoo
 74.    Darken the city night is a wire,
        steam in the subway earth is afire
Hungry like the Wolf -- Duran Duran
 75.    She had the body of a Venus, Lord imagine my surprise
Dude Looks Like a Lady -- Aerosmith
 76.    I can't help recalling how it felt to kiss and hold you tight
Always Something There to Remind Me -- Naked Eyes
 77.    Will you meet him on the main line,
        or will you catch him on the rebound?
Gloria -- Laura Branigan
 78.    Watching every motion in this foolish lover's game
Take my Breath away -- Berlin
 79.    You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day
Wake me Up before you go-go -- Wham!
 80.    Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream,
        red, gold and green
Karma Chameleon -- Culture Club
 81.    They threw an American flag in our face
Allentown -- Billy Joel
 82.    When I'm dancing close to her,
        I can smell the chemicals
She Blinded Me With Science -- Thomas Dolby
 83.    She told me to come but I was already there
You Shook Me All Night Long -- AC/DC
 84.    Streetlight people, living just to find emotion
Don't Stop Believin' -- Journey
 85.    It belongs to them, let's give it back
Beds Are Burning --Midnight Oil
 86.    Everything you do is quite angelicate
Why Can't I Be You -- The Cure
 87.    Rolling like thunder under the covers
I guess that's why they call it the blues -- Elton John
 88.    I don't know what you expect staring into the TV set
Burning Down the House -- Talking Heads
 89.    My eyes dilate, my lips go green
Start Me Up -- Rolling Stones
 90.    I touch you once, I touch you twice
If you Leave -- OMD
 91.    To have you with me I would swim the seven seas
We'll be Together -- Sting
 92.    Crazy little woman in a one man show
Pour Some Sugar on Me -- Def Leppard
 93.    Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet
Eye of the Tiger -- Survivor
 94.    Got in a little hometown jam,
        so they put a rifle in my hand
Born in the USA -- Bruce Springsteen
 95.    There is freedom within,
        there is freedom without
Don't Dream It's Over -- Crowded House
 96.    But whatever road you choose,
        I'm right behind you win or lose
Forever Young -- Rod Stewart
 97.    I need fifty dollars to make you holler
Wild Thing -- Tone Loc
 98.    So let's sink another drink
        'cause it'll give me time to think
Dancing With Myself -- Billy Idol
 99.    Goddess on the mountain top
Venus -- Bananarama
 100.   couldn't see how much I missed you (now I do)
Only In My Dreams -- Debbie Gibson
 101.   They even bother my poor father
        'cause he's down with me
Tricky -- Run DMC
 102.   Where can I find a woman like that
Jesse's Girl -- Rick Springfield
 103.   Paul, I think I told you I'm a lover not a fighter
The Girl is Mine -- Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
 104.   mine's an ordinary life,
        working when it's daylight
        and sleeping when it's night
Take Me Home -- Phil Collins
 105.   I had a whiskey on the rocks
        and change of a dollar for the jukebox
Rock This Town -- Stray Cats
 106.   Just don't ask me how I am
Luka -- Suzanne Vega
 107.   Your lights are on but you're not home
Addicted to Love -- Robert Palmer
 108.   Take your passion and make it happen
Flashdance -- Irene Cara
 109.   That little faggot he's a millionaire
Money for Nothing -- Dire Straits
 110.   I was wrong, now I find just one thing makes me forget
Red Red Wine -- UB40
 111.   So if you're feeling low, turn up your radio
Everybody Have Fun Tonight -- Wang Chung 
 112.   it's no better to be safe than sorry
Take On Me -- a-ha
 113.   Darlin' in my wildest dreams I never thought I'd go
Harden My Heart -- Quarterflash
 114.   The road is long, there are mountains in your way
Love Lifts Us Up -- Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker
 115.   The Salvation Army band played
        and the children drank lemonade
Life in a Northern Town -- Dream Acadamy
 116.   The more you live, the faster you will die
Der Kommisar -- After the Fire
 117.   I've got a secret I've been hiding under my skin
Mr. Roboto -- Styx
 118.   I love you though you hurt me so
Tainted Love -- Soft Cell
 119.   wouldn't wanna be swept away,
        far away from the one that I love
Hard To Say I'm Sorry -- Chicago 
 120.   The sheik he drove his Cadillac
Rock The Casbah -- The Clash
 121.   She showed me the beach, gave me a peach,
        and pulled out the suntan lotion
Going Back to Cali -- LL Cool J 
 122.   Two silhouettes saying goodnight by the garden gate
Come Dancing -- The Kinks
 123.   Have some more chicken, have some more pie
Eat it - Weird Al Yankovic
 124.   I asked the doctor to take your picture
        so I could look at you from inside as well
Turning Japanese -- The Vapors
 125.   Well it's all right riding around in the breeze
End of the Line -- Travelling Wilburys
 126.   I'm just going to keep on counting until you are mine
1-2-3 -- Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine
 127.   Every time you call my name,
        I heat up like a burnin' flame
Abracadabra -- Steve Miller
 128.   This is it boys, this is war
99 Red Balloons -- Nena 
 129.   I can't understand what makes a man hate another man
People are People -- Depeche Mode
 130.   I can't sleep at night, I toss and turn
Every Little Step -- Bobby Brown
 131.   I know you really want to tell me goodbye
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around -- Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty
 132.   Food is served and you're stone cold munchin'
Bust a Move -- Young MC
 133.   don't let go while I'm hangin' on,
        cause I been hangin on so long
Jeopardy -- Greg Kihn Band
 134.   We can dance, everybody look at your hands
Safety Dance -- Men without Hats
 135.   I know a place where we can dance the whole
        night away underneath electric stars
Rhythm of the Night -- Debarge
 136.   I know a good thing must come to an end but
        it's hard to take losing a friend
Something's Going On -- Frida
 137.   Well Superman looked up at me, he said "You
        rock so naturally"
Jam on It -- Newcleus
 138.   You can say anything you like,
        but you can't touch the merchandise
She's A Beauty -- The Tubes
 139.   You want a piece of my heart,
        you better start from the start
Everybody's Working for the Weekend -- Loverboy
 140.   But when the wrong word goes in the right ear,
        I know you been lyin' to me
One thing leads to another -- The Fixx
 141.   I follow where my mind goes
Love My Way -- Psychedelic Furs
 142.   What's your definition of dirty, baby
I Want Your Sex -- George Michael
 143.   we'll leave the TV and the radio behind
Steppin' Out -- Joe Jackson
 144.   All you sittin' in high places,
        the rain's gonna fall on you
All You Zombies -- Hooters
 145.   I turn the switch and check the number,
        I leave it on when in bed I slumber
Mexican Radio -- Wall of Voodoo
 146.   So when the night falls,
        my lonely heart calls
I Wanna Dance with Somebody -- Whitney Houston
 147.   So you better go back to your bars,
        your temples, your massage parlors
One Night In Bangkok -- Murray Head
 148.   Did you really think about it before you made the rules
The Way It Is -- Bruce Hornsby
 149.   So you think my singing's out of time,
        well it makes me money
Cum On Feel The Noize -- Quiet Riot
 150.   Across the north and south to Key Largo,
        love for sale
Smooth Operator -- Sade
 151.   Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Kokomo -- Beach Boys
 152.   I swear that I could see forever in your eyes
Almost Paradise -- Michael Reno and Anne Wilson
 153.   Nothing had the chance to be good,
        nothing ever could
Holding Back the Years -- Simply Red
 154.   Take my license and all that jive
I Can't Drive 55 -- Sammy Hagar
 155.   Well by the force of will my lungs are
        filled, and so I breathe
Like the Weather -- 10000 Maniacs
 156.   Dreams stay with you like a lover's voice
        from the mountainside
In A Big Country -- big country
 157.   No huggin' no kissin' til I get a wedding ring
Keep your Hands to yourself -- Georgia Satellites
 158.   I don't worry 'cause my wallet's fat
Sharp Dressed Man -- ZZ Top
 159.   sister's sighing in her sleep
Our House -- Madness
 160.   Better make it fast or else I'm gonna get pissed
Push It -- Salt 'n' Peppa
 161.   Wish I knew what you were looking for
Milky Way -- Church
 162.   what's your price for flight
Sister Christian -- Night Ranger
 163.   I know a guy who's tough but sweet
I Want Candy -- Bow Wow Wow
 164.   And I had a feeling I could be someone,
        be someone, be someone
Fast Car -- Tracy Chapman
 165.   Why do I find it so hard to write the next
        line, oh I want the truth to be said
True -- Spandau Ballet
 166.   Every time he pulls me near,
        I just wanna cheer
Let's Hear it for the Boy -- Denise Williams
 167.   Put the needle on the record
Pump up the Volume --  MARRS
 168.   Whoa no, I've got to keep on moving
Break My Stride -- Matthew Wilder
 169.   Once upon a time there was light in my life,
        but now there's only love in the dark
Total Eclipse of the Heart -- Bonnie Tyler
 170.   I stain my sheets, I don't even know why
Blister in the Sun -- Violent Femmes
 171.   There were incidents and accidents,
        there were hints and allegations
You Can Call Me Al -- Paul Simon
 172.   I can't get any rest, people say I'm obsessed
She Drives Me Crazy -- Fine Young Cannibals
 173.   She dances like she's never danced before
Maniac -- Michael Sembello
 174.   Do your fancy dances
The Stroke -- Billy Squire
 175.   Your moves are so raw, I've got to let you
        know you're one of my kind
Need you Tonight -- INXS
 176.   Get up, get up, get up, get up,
        let's make love tonight
Sexual Healing -- Marvin Gaye
 177.   But when I win your heart,
        I'm gonna paint it cherry red
Midnight Blue -- Lou Gramm
 178.   All the doors I closed on time will open up again
Back in the Highlife Again -- Stevie Winwood
 179.   Dream of better lives, the kind which never hate
I Melt with You -- Modern English
 180.   You can feel the punishment
        but you can't commit the sin
No One is to Blame -- Howard Jones
 181.   I'm not the one to tell you what's wrong or
        what's right
Burning for You -- Blue Oyster Cult
 182.   He wants me, but only part of the time
Voices Carry -- Til Tuesday 
 183.   People don't you know,
        don't you know it's about time
Move It (Pump Up the Jam) -- Technotronic
 184.   You were the first, you'll be the last
Flame -- Cheap Trick
 185.   You think you're mad, too unstable,
        kicking in chairs and knocking down tables
West End Girls -- Pet Shop Boys
 186.   Your heart's been achin'
        but you're too shy to say it
Never Gonna Give You Up -- Rick Astley
 187.   The only one who'll hang out with me is my
        dear Old Granddad
I Drink Alone -- George Thorogood & The Destroyers
 188.   Things are going great,
        and they're only getting better
I've Gotta Wear Shades -- Timbuk 3
 189.   So you better treat her right
She Works Hard for the Money -- Donna Summer
 190.   it's time to bring this ship in to the shore
        and throw away the oars forever
Can't Fight this Feeling -- REO Speedwagon
 191.   We are the ones who make a brighter day,
        so let's start giving
We are the World -- USA for Africa
 192.   We could dance and party all night,
        and drink some cherry wine
We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off -- Jermaine Stewart
 193.   Dressed up like a million-dollar trooper
Puttin on the Ritz -- Taco 
 194.   you've got to find a way,
        say what you want to say
Break-out -- Swing Out Sister
 195.   Sail away with me to another world
Islands in the Stream -- Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
 196.   I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on
Lean on Me -- Club Nouveau
 197.   Welcome to the big time, you're bound to be a star
Don't Mean Nothing -- Richard Marx
 198.   Yo no soy marinero, por ti sere,
        por ti sere, por ti sere
La Bamba -- Los Lobos
 199.   Work all day to earn his pay,
        so we can play all night
Morning Train -- Sheena Easton
 200.   Ever since you've been leaving me,
        I've been wanting to cry
Too Late for Goodbye -- Julian Lennon
 201.   Baby baby when I look at you,
        I get a warm feeling inside
I Feel For You -- Chaka Khan
 202.   And when we hear the voices sing, the book
        of love will open up and let us in
Broken Wings -- Mr. Mister
 203.   Some of them want to abuse you,
        some of them want to be abused
Sweet Dreams -- Eurythmics
 204.   he's licking his lips, he's ready to win,
        on the hunt tonight for love at first sting
Rock You Like A Hurricane -- Scorpion
 205.   I have a picture pinned to my wall
Hold Me Now -- Thompson Twins
 206.   I can see a new horizon underneath the blazin' sky
St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) -- John Parr 
 207.   you'll flow down her river,
        she'll ask and you'll give her
Lips Like Sugar -- Echo & The Bunnymen
 208.   Earth below us drifting falling floating weightless
Major Tom -- Peter Schilling
 209.   Ooh baby, do you know what that's worth?
Heaven is a Place on Earth -- Belinda Carlisle
 210.   I know when to pull you closer
        and I know when to let you loose
Making Love Out of Nothing At All -- Air Supply
 211.   Let me hear your body talk
Physical -- Olivia Newton John
 212.   won't you pack your bags, we'll leave tonight
Two Tickets to Paradise -- Eddie Money
 213.   The beating of our hearts is the only sound
I Think We're Alone Now -- Tiffany
 214.   And if this world runs out of lovers,
        we'll still have each other
Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now -- Jefferson Starship
 215.   Is it so wrong to be human after all?
Something About You -- Level 42
 216.   There is good and bad (mmmm-hmmm) in everyone
Ebony and Ivory -- Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney
 217.   Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?
What's Love Got To Do With It? -- Tina Turner
 218.   it's gonna take money,
        a whole lotta spendin? money
(I Got My Mind) Set On You -- George Harrison
 219.   I'm not the kind of girl who gives up just like that
Tide is High -- Blondie
 220.   It must've been some kind of kiss,
        I shoulda walked away
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight -- Cutting Crew
 221.   You see it all around you, good lovin' gone bad
Hold On Loosely -- 38 Special
 222.   Ronny, Bobby, Ricky and Mike,
        if I like a girl, who cares who you like
Cool It Now -- New Edition
 223.	I can't face another night on my own
Love and Affection -- Nelson
 224.	I work from nine to five
	Hey, hell I pay the price
Somebody's Watching Me -- Rockwell
 225.	But in and outside I turn to water
It Must Have Been Love -- Roxette
 226.    Sometimes if I shout
	that's now what's intended
The Promise -- When in Rome
 227.	I've got to wait here for your moon to turn blue
Perfect Way -- Scritti Politti
 228.	Open your loving arms
	watch out here I come
You Spin Me 'Round -- Dead or Alive
 229.	First time was a great time
	Second time was a blast
You Got it (The Right Stuff) -- New Kids on the Block
 230.	Erotic images float through my head
Wishing Well -- Terence Trent D'Arby
 231.	She was a black haired beauty
Night Moves -- Bob Seeger
 232.	Somebody turns the corner out of sight
Doctor My Eyes -- Jackson Browne
 233.	Let's take a walk together near the ocean shore
Cherish -- Kool & The Gang
 234.	I wish I didn't feel so strong about you
Waiting for a Star to Fall -- Boy Meets Girl
 235.	Live those dreams
Relax -- Frankie Goes to Hollywood
 236.	Who's the hunter, who's the game
The Warrior -- Scandal
 237.	Ronnie's got a new gun
Wild, Wild West -- Escape Club
 238.	We spent the summer with the top rolled down
I Remember You -- Skid Row
 239.	I'm all dressed up with no where to go
Dead Man's Party -- Oingo Boingo
 240.	With a little perserverence you can get things down
Never Surrender -- Corey Hart
 241.	Love was just a four letter word
Naughty Girls Need Love Too -- Samantha Fox
 242.	I never cared for nobody like I care for you
When I'm With You -- Sheriff
 243.	You're an untamed youth
(Bang a Gong) Get it On -- Power Station
 244. 	Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling
Nothing Compares 2 U -- Sinead O'Connor
 245. 	You got yourself into your own mess
Hold On -- Wilson Phillips
 246.	I'm thinking about the fireworks that go off when you smile
Don't Get Me Wrong -- The Pretenders
 247.	Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?
Forever Young -- Alphaville
 248.	She says she would be lost without you
You Should Hear How She Talks About You -- Melissa Manchester
 249.	Looking for a new star to put you in a trance
Let's Go All the Way -- Sly Fox
 250.	When you open up your heart and the truth comes out
Talking in Your Sleep -- The Romantics