70's Music Quiz

Ok kids... we had the 80's music quiz... but now for the real challenge... those songs we heard before we knew what music was... you see, my musical knowledge is limited where the 80's are concerned, but go back a decade, well, that's a little more my element... I do in fact have the answers, and most of the music that goes with it... the rules are the same as the previous quiz, all songs coming out between 1970 and 1979, no repeated groups or artists unless it is in the form of another group. Good luck.

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1.  take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life

2.  oh my child you got so much
    you wanna take away my energy

3.  it was a warm spring night at the old town hall

4.  and it doesn't matter how I try,
    I gave it all so easily to you my love

5.  I am a lonely visitor, I came too late to cause a stir

6.  you got me working day and night
    just tryin to keep a hold on you

7.  we bled inside each other's wounds

8.  get on your camel and ride

9.  I need a volunteer to ride up and bring us back some extra men

10. I wanna do it til the sun comes up

11. satisfaction came in a chain reaction

12. woman you touch my soul now

13. goodbye Michelle, my little one

14. if her daddy's rich, take her out for a meal

15. they read in the press about all your success
    they believe every word they've been told

16. let's make neanderthal love in this neanderthal world

17. I didn't recognize the girl next door
    the beat up sneakers and the ponytail

18. dressed in love she lives for life to be

19. he's just as proud as he can be of his anatomy
    he gonna give us a peek

20. if just once more I could see
    you, our home and our little baby

21. see her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean (James Dean)

22. I'm afraid that I'm not sure of a love there is no cure for

23. and I asked someone who said
    about a hundred cops were dead

24. like how cool the rum is from a silver tray

25. Our Father, who art in heaven
    hallowed be thy name

26. her eyes were like that of a cat in the dark

27. well they raised up a son who could eat up his weight in groceries

28. so let's just sit here on the couch
    and face this, man to man

29. tossin and turnin and freezin and burnin and cryin all through the night

30. to be true is all I ask of you

31. one day I met a girl named Sue, she was feelin kinda blue

32. when you hold me in your arms so tight
    you let me know everything's all right

33. you're about to go insane, cuz your woman's playin' games

34. it's your business, if you want some, take some, get it together baby

35. I know your daddy's a sultan, a nomad known to all

36. and it's a half past 4 and I'm shiftin gear

37. and she said "hey ramblin boy why don't you settle down
    Boston ain't your kind of town'

38. ain't it good, ain't it right, that you are with me here tonight

39. it would sure do me good to do you good

40. gotta turn it up louder, so my dj told me

41. either way it's ok to wake up with yourself

42. could we have kippers for breakfast, mummy dear mummy dear

43. girl you gotta love your man

44. I sold my soul, you bought it back for me

45. great God in heaven you know I love you

46. 73 men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay

47. sailing ships upon the sea aren't lovelier than you

48. from the first time we met I knew
    I'd have a never ending love for you

49. tax the rich, feed the poor, til there are no rich no more

50. hush my darling, no fear my darling

51. grow apple trees, and honey bees, and snow white turtle doves

52. but halfway down that highway, when I turned around I saw
    my little daughter running after me

53. just take your time and work it out

54. good morning America, how are ya?
    don't you know me? I'm your native son

55. and I can feel your body tremble
    as you wonder what this moment holds in store

56. or steal my daddy's cue and make a livin out of playin pool

57. old Michigan steams like a young girl's dreams
    the islands and bays are for sportsmen

58. why should I keep loving you
    when I know that you're not true?

59. fly me high through the starry skies

60. there's a reason why I'm feelin so high

61. do you remember the day when you first came my way

62. the world is a sad place, a mad place, a terrible place to live

63. I musta been through about a million girls

64. goodbye grey sky, hello blue
    nothin can hold me when I hold you

65. I wondered how you're feeling, there's ringing in my ears

66. in the darkness, so much I wanna do

67. it's got some overhead lifters and a 4 barrel carb oh yeah

68. maybe she'll find an island with a shady tree
    just like the one in our backyard

69. my motto's always been when it's right it's right
    why wait until the middle of a cold dark night?

70. read us any rule we'll break it

71. she's from Birmin'ham
    way down in Alabam'

72. I finally made a tricky French Connection

73. hello, yeah, it's been a while
    not much, how bout you?

74. the words would never show the you I've come to know

75. doin anything just to get you off of my mind

76. and when he told me what my number was, I got a ding-a-ling

77. I held her close until the storm passed

78. I'd rather hurt you honestly than mislead you with a lie

79. gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein

80. you were lickin your lips, and the lipstick's shining
    I was dyin just to ask for a taste

81. he said 'whassa matter man? we gonna come round at 12
    with some Puerto Rican girls thats just dyin to meet you'

82. let me tell you goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be together again

83. standing in the cold rain, feeling like a clown

84. you're the only light this empty room has ever had

85. oh babe I wanna taste your lips, I wanna be your fantasy

86. with you I might try, my secrets to reveal

87. he was in a bind, he was way behind
    and he was lookin' to make a deal

88. let's do the milkshake, selling like hotcakes
    try some buy some fee fi fo fum

89. cuz baby I believe that you're the star

90. no one knows who she is, or what her name is

91. it's there when I look in your eyes

92. I will drive by your house

93. my heart needs protection, and so do I

94. too many long conversations, and no one is hearing a word

95. our love is a flame, burnin' within

96. oh you make my motor run, motor run

97. he's got rythym in his hands as he's tappin on the cans

98. there are words for the magic of a sunrise, only none of them will do

99. doing alright, little driving on a Saturday night

100.there's no time for revolution, I got to be travellin on

101.I'm gonna do all those things to you a girl wants a man to do

102.don't turn on the lights cuz I don't wanna see

103.now I don't hardly know her

104.Suzy went and left us for some foreign guy

105.every time that I plant a seed, he said kill it before it grows

106.here's some lovin that you never gonna forget

107.Saturday night I was downtown, runnin from the FBI

108.I just wanna get some chicks

109.if that don't suit ya, that's a drag

110.and if I swallow anything evil, put your finger down my throat

111.she said 'gimme a call sometime'

112.he came from somewhere back in her long ago

113.well I tried to make it Sunday, but I got so damned depressed

114.nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky

115.I was born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus

116.you're everything I hoped for

117.if your world is all screwed up, rearrange it

118.I don't ask for much, the truth will do just fine

119.a gathering of angels appeared above my head

120.I wanna know if love is wild, I wanna know if love is real

121.I want somebody who won't make me feel like a clown

122.and though I came to jeer at you, I leave now with regrets

123.runnin' over the same old ground

124.I went from Phoenix Arizona all the way to Tacoma

125.helter skelter in the summer swelter

126.cuz there's so many places I gotta see

127.snot is running down his nose

128.he is a feather in the wind

129.and the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all

130.lonely feeling, deep inside

131.come inside the show's about to start

132.they threw outrageous parties, they paid heavenly bills

133.help me now, please my friend

134.I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are

135.got to sit down take a rest on the porch

136.doesn't matter where you've been, as long as it was deep

137.he said 'that's ok son, won't you feed him when you can'

138.I take whatever I want, and baby, I want you

139.I'm for you and you're for me

140.wearing all the things that nobody wears

141.wherever he goes the people all complain

142.what does it matter to ya
    when you got a job to do?

143.she's got it, yeah baby she's got it

144.don't let my glad expression give you the wrong impression

145.she's a dynamite attraction

146.prepare yourself, you know it's a must

147.it aint nothin but a hearbreaker
    friend only to the undertaker

148.our love is like a ship on the ocean

149.you ask yourself who they are

150.it's like thunder, lightning
    the way you love me is frightening

151.and we flock just like birds of a feather

152.listen to us, I'm sure you'll be amazed

153.joggin in the mornin, go man go

154.I want some action, I want to live

155.what a good wife you would be

156.so clap you hands and stomp your feet and shake your tambourine

157.I thought my life was complete
    but look what you're doin to me

158.smoke was coming from outta the back
    when I started to gain on that Cadillac

159.to think that only yesterday, I was cheerful bright and gay

160.and if they shout, don't let it change a thing that you're doing

161.cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two

162.I looked at your face everyday
    and I never saw it til I went away

163.for god sake don't go do something foolish

164.let me hold you close and say these words as gently as I can

165.like walkin in the rain and the snow
    when there's nowhere to go

166.kept on lookin for a sign in the middle of the night

167.I never had a dream that made sweet love to me

168.fightin' hard now

169.darlin' if you want me to love, love only you, then love only me

170.I drank the potion she offered me

171.flappin my arms, I begin to cluck

172.and thanks for turning me into someone

173.lord I was stung shoulda seen it come a long time ago

174.you can dance, you can dance, having the time of your life

175.but to Moscow chicks he was such a loving dear